Photo: Märta Thistner

Lilit works structured and engaged with concept and design be that for a commercial client or a non-for-profit organisation.    

A purposeful, fearless person with more than ten years of experience and an inexhaustible creative force. With passion and positive energy, Lilit likes to take on the role of the project engine and is the drive in the creative process 

With both work and life experience from different countries and cultures, she has great respect and understanding for the opinions of different individuals and is a dynamic and communicative collaborator.

Since 2016, Lilit has broadened her creative output by adopting a new material: clay and founded Oners

Working with clay can be incredibly transformative. Unlike digital media, clay has a tangible, organic quality that invites touch and interaction. 
Its compliance allows for endless possibilities in form and texture, making it an ideal medium for expressing complex ideas and emotions.

Believing in the power of art as a transformative material resonates with a growing movement towards slow art and mindful creation. In a world dominated by quick and mass-produced goods, there's a renewed appreciation for the craftsmanship and authenticity found in handmade objects. By embracing clay as a medium, Lilit is tapping into this ethos and inviting viewers to slow down, engage with their senses, and reflect on the deeper meaning behind the work.

Through her exploration of clay, Lilit had the opportunity to connect with tradition, as well as explore new techniques and possibilities using repurposed material.


Folkskolegaan 22 SE
117 35, Stockholm

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